WHBU 1240 currently broadcasts a News Talk format from Anderson, Indiana.
The station is currently owned by Woof Boom Radio LLC. headed by President, J Chapman.

WHBU is the longest running commercial radio station in Anderson, the second oldest radio station in Indiana
and the oldest commercial station in Indiana.

Significant events...

April 1923 - initial sign-on at 1370 kHz with only 10 Watts. For much of its history, the studio and transmitter were located in the Citizens Bank Building on Meridian Plaza in downtown Anderson.

June 1927 - WHBU frequency changed from 1370 kHz to 1360 kHz. Bought by the Anderson Broadcasting Corporation

November 1928 - WHBU frequency changed from 1360 kHz to 1210 kHz at 100 Watts

1930's - Broadcasting at 1210 kHz. An affiliate of CBS Radio Network

January 1934 - Station destroyed by fire

January 1935 - WHBU purchased by Leo Kennett

April 1936 - Power increased to 250 Watts day and 100 Watts night

Sept 1940 - Power increased to 250 Watts day and night

March 1941 - WHBU frequency changed from 1210 kHz to 1240 kHz

September 1944 - WHBU purchased by Universal Broadcasting Company

October 1962 - WHBU power increased to 1,000 Watts day and 250 Watts night

1984 - FCC grants WHBU a power increase for overnight power which is raised from 250 Watts to 1,000 Watts

1987 - WHBU sold to Triplett Broadcasting. Triplett moves sister station WAXT 96.7 studios from Alexandria into the downtown Anderson Meridian Plaza site

1995 - WHBU license transferred from Anderson Communications, Inc to Clearwater Communications, Inc

November 1998 - Affiliation with CBS Radio Network was ended.  Indiana Radio Partners, Inc headed by Michael Schwartz buys WHBU along with four other area radio stations

2000 - Rooftop Blaw-Knox brand tower on top of Meridian Plaza razed in favor of a new tower on Ridge Road.  The new guyed steel tower is more efficient than the old one, thus power was reduced to 700 Watts day and night.  Doug Edge is the local morning show host.  The syndicated Dr Laura Show cancelled in favor of Sean Hannity Show

2004 - WHBU opens a new radio studio inside the Mounds Mall on Scatterfield Road. The unique storefront studio overlooking the indoor hallway is named the WHBU "Special Events Studio" and begins broadcasting the morning show and selected evening shows in front of the passers-by in the mall

2008 - Re-affiliated with CBS News

2012 - Syndicated host Bill Bennett is added to the morning show

2013 - WHBU bought by Woof Boom Radio, LLC