WHBU Monday – Friday
12:00 am   Investor’s Edge
1:00 am    Golden Age of Radio Theatre
2:00 am    Dave Ramsey
4:00 am    Doug Stephan’s Good Day
6:00 am    The New WHBU Morning Show with Sean Harshey
9:00 am    Dave Ramsey
12 noon    Rush Limbaugh
3:00 pm    Sean Hannity
8:00 pm    Clark Howard
10:00 pm   Computer America Show Computer & Technology

6:00 pm   It’s Your Dime Talk with Ron Hecklinski
7:00 pm   George and Norma Smith Present The Gospel Hour

6:00 pm   Track Talk
6:30 pm   Vision for Success – with Jesse Wilkerson
7:00 pm – 10:00pm Clark Howard

6:00 pm   George and Norma Smith Present The Music Hour
7:00 pm – 10:00pm Clark Howard

5:00 pm Investor’s Edge
6:00 pm  No local programming
7:00 pm – 10:00pm Clark Howard

6:00 pm   Investor’s Edge
7:00 pm – 10:00pm Clark Howard

12:00 am   Catalyst Radio
1:00 am    Dave Ramsey
3:00 am    Best of Animals Today
4:00 am    Home and Garden Show
5:00 am    Indiana Outdoors
6:00 am    The Bill Jackson Show
– Local show discussing Anderson issues
7:00 am    Taking it to the Street
– Local show hosted by NAACP President James Burgess
8:00 am    Food Nation
8:30 am    The Inside Pitch – Local show hosted by Marvin Lowe
9:00 am    Critter Conversations
– Pet show hosted by Jan Ault
10:00 am   Kevin Smith Reports – Local political show
1:00 pm    Conscious Lifestyles
2:00 pm    Best of Sean Hannity hour 1
3:00 pm    Best of Sean Hannity hour 2
4:00 pm    Best of Sean Hannity hour 3
5:00 pm    Under the Hood
7:00 pm    This Week in Madison County
8:00 pm    Garden Life
9:00 pm    Conscious Lifestyles
10:00 pm   Into Tomorrow w/ Dave Graveline

WHBU – Sunday Line Up
12:00 am     Small Talk Radio w/ Jim Giordano
1:00 am        Talk Back Weekend w/ Chris X
3:00 am        Best of Skillful Living Room
4:00 am        Best of Conscious Lifestyles
5:00 am        Executive Leaders Radio
6:00 am        This Week in Madison County (repeat)
7:00 am        World of Boating
7:30 am        Unshackled (English Version)
8:00 am        In God’s Word
8:30 am        Unshackled (Spanish Version)
9:00 am        Love Worth Finding
9:30 am        Moments of Inspiration
11:00 am      Garden Life Live
12:00 pm      Garden Life
1:00 pm        Muscle Cars on the Radio
2:00 pm        Bobby Likis Car Clinic
3:00 pm        America’s Dining & Travel Guide
4:00 pm        Dining & Travel Guide
5:00 pm        Best of Golf, Grape & Grub
6:00 pm        Home Talk
7:00 pm        Skillful Living Room
8:00 pm        Travel with Stephanie Abrams
9:00 pm        The CEO Show
10:00 pm      Both Sides Now
11:00 pm      Crimetime with Vito Colucci, P.I.