What Makes a Woof Boom?

What Makes a Woof Boom?

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J_Chapman-225x300Since our east central Indiana radio business started a few months ago, there have been more than a couple of questions about Woof Boom’s name, its origin, and what we are really all about. If I condensed the “frequently asked questions” to just a couple, they would be “What is a Woof Boom?” and “Why Would I Do Business with a Company Named Woof Boom?”

Our employees recently took a stab at answering the basic question, asking our community and staff what they make of “Woof Boom.” (Have a look for yourself in this short video.)

I think “Woof Boom” can be defined as our unique approach to helping our customers reach the community in an engaging, entertaining, and productive way.

But why would I do business with a company named Woof Boom?

Lots of companies go overboard when creating mission statements, core principles, and the like. A few years ago when writing mission statements was in vogue and all the rage, typically the company leadership would go on a retreat and upon returning the newly-written Mission Statement would be framed and posted in the lobby.

Most of the employees didn’t know or understand the mission or values of the company that resulted from the retreat. It turned out to be a pointless and futile exercise. I was in bank recently and read their five paragraph mission statement, and I have to admit that I still have no idea what that bank is really about. That type of approach, clearly, is not Woof Boom.

Woof Boom Radio’s Vision, Mission, and Values really just represent two things: Serving Others and Building a Relationship Grounded in Trust. That’s it.

Our business is radio and that just happens to be the vehicle we use to serve others. Our company and what we do isn’t for everyone – and that is OK. But our people really do care about one and other, and we all care about our customers and listeners. You can say it — but you can’t fake it. People are looking for what is true and authentic. Woof Boom is certainly both true and authentic.

We serve our customers by getting results for them.


Recently, we had a business that was using one of our stations to reach potential employees. Toward the end of their advertising campaign, the client called and said they were getting virtually no results from the effort. I couldn’t have been more proud of our employees and the way they responded. They swung into action. Overnight we developed new creative, crafted a simple message, changed the client web portal and we promised that we would get them results. Our client did get results and they have returned to advertise with us again.

You can’t fake your commitment to Serving Others and the sincere approach to Building a Trusting Relationship. That’s who we aspire to be, and that’s who we are at Woof Boom Radio.

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