Keeping it Live and Local

Keeping it Live and Local

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Local – it’s a simple word but an easy one to take for granted. I have worked in broadcasting for 24 years in Sarasota, Florida, Indianapolis and for 15 of those years in my home of east central Indiana. I am a Muncie Northside and Ball State University graduate and love being back home helping to make this area a better place to live, work, play and raise families.

My previous broadcasting employers have included large corporations and small locally-owned stations like Woof Boom Radio. One thing I still believe today (like I did 24 years ago) is that local broadcasting is a huge contributor in any area for a community’s communication needs. Think of all the different ways that radio can work and promote things creatively and quickly. Ideal to promote town events, charity announcements, public service campaigns and when weather issues arise, radio is still a powerful ally in getting the word out fast to individuals.

When New Jersey was hit with a hurricane, most cell phone communication was out for extended periods of time yet radio stations stayed on the air with back -up generators and dedicated broadcasters feeding information to listeners seeking help. When weather disasters hit, the standard message is still to have a transistor radio with batteries as a standby. (Of course, we can’t forget the too-numerous-to count giveaways of t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers and concert tickets!) Simply put, radio is still a powerful way to communicate a message to the masses and even more so from a local level.

Analysts at Edison Research study how radio has changed, and what stations can do to maintain a strong following.

“In the last year Edison Research has been hired to perform several studies on just the question of how to keep younger consumers listening to FM radio. We pretty much hear the same things over and over – they do and will continue to go to radio for unique compelling content – and to be in-the-know on what is happening locally. Young listeners talk to us about the chance to actually meet the personality they hear on the radio and the announcements of local events or concerts. They understand – their local radio stations are providing them with something.”

Smart Phones, Websites, Podcasts all the way down to the Television and Cassette tapes have all been predicted to doom and destroy local radio. But radio is still here and it always changes and adapts to the times and technologies being created. And it’s exciting to see where radio is going next.

Smart phone and digital technology is working now with radio to provide local content to consumers and listeners and Woof Boom Radio will be leading the way, locally. The number one reason I decided to join J Chapman and the Woof Boom Radio team is the company’s core values that include the belief that radio works if it is live and local. It’s as simple as that.

I am excited to announce that News Talk 1240 WHBU will be launching “The Sean Harshey Show” a new local talk show weekdays from 6:00AM to 10:00AM. As we say in the industry, keep listening for other new and exciting things to come from Woof Boom Radio. Best of all, we are thinking them up and creating them right here in East Central Indiana!

Feel free to contact me with ideas or suggestions at:

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